After Getting 'Whooped On' In Detroit, Mike Daniels Excited For Home Debut With Lions

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Photo credit © Kirthmon F. Dozier, Detroit Free Press via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Of the seven career games Mike Daniels has played at Ford Field -- all of them with the Packers -- two stand out. 

"I remember getting embarrassed out here on Thanksgiving and I remember the Hail Mary game," Daniels said Friday. 

And he can't shake the memory of the two most recent games either. 

"I remember just straight up getting whooped on the last two years," Daniels said. "There’s no other way to put it. Got whooped on. So now I'm excited to be on this side of it."

Daniels, who signed with the Lions in training camp shortly after being released by the Packers, will make his home debut Sunday versus the Chargers. The last time he played at Ford Field, the Packers lost 31-23. The time before that, they lost 35-11. 

And then there was that 40-10 beatdown on Thanksgiving in 2013. 

Daniels is looking forward to a different feeling on Sunday. 

"Ford Field was always one of my favorite places to come and play. I've always enjoyed playing in a dome. This place gets loud, it get excited. They got that giant Pepsi bottle I think," Daniels said with a laugh. (Well, not anymore.) "The touchdown song used to annoy me, now I’m looking forward to hearing it.

"I’m really excited to be able to play out here and get in front of a new fan base and be on their side for once. I've lost here quite a bit of times, and the atmosphere is definitely conducive toward the home team winning." 

The touchdown song, Gridiron Heroes, has become something of a topic recently, with Darius Slay recently casting his vote for a new one. Daniels, who declined to recite the lyrics lest he "embarrass myself," said the sound of it made his blood boil as a visiting player. 

"I would be furious as soon as I heard that song," he said. "But now I’m looking forward to hearing it and jumping up and down. It's a good song, it just always meant that we got scored on." 

After joining the Lions midway through training camp, Daniels had a quiet debut. He played 30 snaps and finished with just one tackle in Detroit's tie against Arizona. He logged more than 40 snaps per game last year with the Packers, so expect his playing time -- and his production -- to increase on Sunday. 

The Chargers put up 435 yards of offense and averaged a robust 6.0 yards per carry in a win over the Colts last week. Daniels will be one of the keys to slowing down that rushing attack. He's also eager for another matchup with Philip Rivers. 

"He’s a Hall of Fame quarterback. Whenever you play against a guy like that, it’s extremely exciting," he said. "He’s very precise, still an extremely good player. Only played against him one time before this, so I’m excited."