Slay Likes Look Of Lions With 'Hell Of A Player' Jeff Okudah


The mock drafts have spoken. Whether they pick third overall or trade down, the Lions are a landing spot for Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah.

They need help in the secondary -- they need help everywhere on defense, in fact -- and Okudah has the talent to play right away. Between Okudah and Darius Slay, assuming Slay returns, the Lions would boast two playmakers at a crucial position in today's NFL. 

Would Slay welcome Okudah's arrival?  

"Of course, of course," he told reporters Wednesday at the Super Bowl. "I talked to him already."

Slay said Okudah reached out over social media upon seeing his named linked to the Lions, and they later exchanged phone numbers. It's turned into a friendship that could continue in Detroit. 

"He was just like, 'Man I love your game.' Of course he notices, he's seeing he's supposed to be coming here if that's the case," Slay said. "But I told him to enjoy his moment, cherish the (draft) experience. You only get to go through it once.

"He's a hell of a player, man. I've watched his film, I've watched some of his games. Man, he competes at a high level. There's a lot of stuff I can help him with (to) become a great player." 

Slay said he sees some of himself in Okudah. 

"He's a ball player, competitive. I see his feet, he does a lot of techniques that I use. Just moving my feet good, staying on top, maki