Darko Responds To Carmelo About '03 Draft: 'Not Necessary To Ridicule'


Carmelo Anthony and Darko Milicic are forever linked by the 2003 NBA Draft. You know the deal. 

Darko to the Pistons at No. 2., Melo to the Nuggets at No. 3. And just to rub salt in Detroit's wound, Dwyane Wade to the Heat at No. 4. and Chris Bosh to the Raptors at No. 5. In maybe the best ever draft, the Pistons walked away with maybe the biggest ever bust. 

Melo and D-Wade looked back on the draft during a recent Instagram Live chat, with Melo claiming he would have won multiple rings in Detroit. And when Darko's name came up, Melo playfully responded, "Who?"

Carmelo Anthony "forgot" who was drafted before him in 2003 while talking with Dwyane Wade.2003 NBA Draft (The 1st 5 picks):1. LeBron James2. Darko Miličić3. Carmelo Anthony4. Chris Bosh5. Dwayne Wade pic.twitter.com/PDAzDj7ujT

— Lee Harvey (@MusikFan4Life) March 28, 2020

Melo claimed it was an honest mistake, with his connection breaking up when Wade referenced Darko. And maybe it was. Either way, Darko didn't appreciate the shade. He responded in an interview with Serbian news station B92

"As for these stories ... thank God they have succeeded — I have not," Milicic said, as translated by Sporting News . "We are not kids, we are adults. I hope you are old enough to understand that life is full of ups and downs. ... It is not necessary to judge and ridicule when, thank God, you have not passed the path that I have. To them, as always, I wish everyone good and every honor on their careers and in further life a lot of success and less condemnation."

Darko spent 10 seasons in the NBA, winning a championship with the Pistons in 2004 -- something he'll always have over Melo. He retired in 2013 and put basketball behind him, moving home to Serbia to start a new life as a farmer.