You've Gotta See This Painfully Sad Lions Christmas Ornament

Watching the Lions can really take it out of you emotionally. Nothing will sum up a fan's feelings after a loss more than this "i wanna die" meme Christmas tree ornament. 

i wanna die Detroit Lions ornament(credit: Josh Gauci/used with permission)

Josh Gauci made the ornament with a laser cutter. Besides helping him pay off the laser cutter Gauci talked about why he made the ornament, "as a long-time Lions fan we have gone through a lot and I think the agony we have felt over the years has caused us to embrace the humor surrounding what we have gone through as fans. The community surrounding it has created some amazing memes and this was based on a popular one that is used too often."

Gauci is selling them on his Etsy store for $13.
The ornament is based on a meme whose origin comes from a reaction image of a dolphin staring at a rainbow with the text "i wanna die". It's a popular choice to post on social media after a Miami Dolphins loss.

— Dirty South Soccer (@DirtySouthSoc) June 27, 2019

A version was then created with a lion jumping into the Detroit River and is now regularly posted on the Detroit Lions Reddit community after a loss. After a Lions win you might see the more positive version where "die" is hastily scribbled out and replaced with "live". 

How it feels being a lions fan

— tyler robak (@tylerrobak) November 4, 2018

Lions fans were supportive of the ornament when Gauci posted it on Reddit

"I hate it so much I got two of em.. hoorayyy," commented user hildosapien.

"I'll take 20," commented user valianthail2the

For the snarky Lions fan in your life -- this has stocking stuffer potential.