Should Tom Gores Ban The Jumpman Logo On Pistons Uniforms?

Michael Jordan doesn't like the Detroit Pistons. He made that very clear in 'The Last Dance.'
And the Pistons of old don't especially like Michael Jordan. 
And yet it was announced Tuesday that the Jumpman logo will appear on the Pistons' statement edition uniforms next season. 


— Detroit Pistons (@DetroitPistons) July 21, 2020

According to

The inclusion of the Jumpman logo on Statement Edition uniforms expands Jordan Brand's connection to all 30 NBA franchises. Since 2017, the Charlotte Hornets have been outfitted by Jordan Brand, and the brand has supplied the NBA All-Star Game uniforms for three years in a row."
This really made some Pistons fans upset.

Jordan logo on a Pistons jersey. This is wrong. Very wrong

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) July 21, 2020

The Pistons are now switching their jerseys to Jordan brand...MJ decided to own the city of Detroit one last time --

— Outside The Paint Podcast (@OTPaintPodcast) July 21, 2020

Isiah Thomas seeing the Pistons wear Jordan’s logo on their jerseys

— pi’erre! ➐ (@HoodiePierre) July 21, 2020

So, should Pistons owner Tom Gores call the NBA and say the team doesn't want Jordan's logo on its uniform? He says he wants the organization to represent Detroit -- he says this from LA. This would be proof that he means it. 

And it would boost the owner's public approval rating locally. 

Would the NBA ever budge? Probably not. Almost certainly not. 

Still, it might behoove Gores to say something, even to make a point.