Coke to launch a new flavor

Coke Ultimate
Photo credit Coca-Cola

One of the top soda brands is looking to freshen its brand for a younger generation, but with a new product launch just days away, many of the details remain shrouded in mystery.

Coca-Cola Ultimate is a new flavor of the popular soft drink targeted at gamers, according to an official statement from Coca-Cola.

What we do know is that it will be available in versions with and without sugar, and that it is expected to arrive in your local grocery store’s soda aisle on June 12.

What we don’t know is… pretty much everything else, including what it will taste like.

“We’re never really going to answer that question,” Oana Vlad, Coke’s senior director of global strategy, said in an official statement. “The flavor profile is always, we say, 85 to 90% Coke. And then that 10 to  15% twist of something unexpected.”

As for why they expect it to appeal to gamers? Maybe it tastes like bleary-eyed, all-night Fortnite sessions? At the very least, we only need wait a few days to answer that one.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Coca-Cola