Researcher brings two bodies he says are aliens to hearing

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A UFO researcher brought what he says are the bodies of two extraterrestrial beings to a Congressional hearing in Mexico.

Jamie Maussan says the small, mummified figures were discovered in Peru in 2017 and are between 700 and 1,800 years old. The tiny figures have three fingers on each hand and elongated heads.

"This is the first time (extraterrestrial life) is presented in such a form and I think there is a clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world," Maussan testified in Spanish, per USA Today.

Along with the two "aliens," which were kept in glass display cases, Maussan also presented X-rays of the specimens, one of which allegedly showed "eggs" inside one figure.

Video posted on social media shows the bodies, which look like stereotypical depictions of aliens, being revealed.

"These are not mummies," Maussan said, per NPR. "These are complete bodies that have not been manipulated."

Maussan said his claims can be backed up by DNA tests -- though he didn't share the results of any tests.

Multiple reports note that Maussan has previously been associated with claims of alien discoveries that have later been debunked.

The hearing also included testimony from a former U.S. Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who appeared at the recent UFO hearings in Washington D.C.

Graves later posted on X, formerly Twitter, that he was disappointed with what transpired during the hearing.

"I accepted an invitation to testify before the Mexican Congress hoping to keep up the momentum of government interest in pilot experiences with UAP [unidentified anomalous phenomena].  Unfortunately, yesterday's demonstration was a huge step backwards for this issue," he said. "I will continue to raise awareness of UAP as an urgent matter of aerospace safety, national security, and science, but I am deeply disappointed by this unsubstantiated stunt."

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