Batch: Jerome Bettis still won't admit he called 'heads-tails' during Thanksgiving coin toss


Back in 1998, one of the NFL's most controversial coin-tosses occurred during overtime of a Thanksgiving Day game between the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers and hometown Detroit Lions. With the coin in mid-air, the on-field microphone picked up Steelers star running back Jerome Bettis calling for tails, but head referee Phil Luckett insisted that he called heads, and the Lions won the toss.

Bettis and his teammate, Carnell Lake, immediately argued Luckett's decision, and after protests from Pittsburgh's sideline, Detroit was still awarded the ball. So, who actually botched the coin-toss call: Luckett or Bettis? The answer is Bettis, according to former Lions and Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch.

"We had two of our captains, Ray Roberts and Robert Porcher, and they were out there and they're like, 'Wait a minute, Jerome said heads-tails," Batch told The DA Show on Wednesday. "That's how Phil Luckett heard heads. And then Jerome's out there saying tails. Of course, we all see the highlights of them arguing, and they didn't get the ball. And as I got to Pittsburgh [in 2003], it was one of those things, of course, Coach Cowher reminded me of that.

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