Anthony Lynn isn't lying to himself about Lions' offense


If not for so many teachable moments, Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn probably would have burned the tape of last week's loss to the Bengals. He probably would have expunged it from the history of football.

Punt, punt, interception, turnover on downs. Those were Detroit's first four drives. Punt, punt, punt, punt. Those were its next four. Through the first three quarters, the Lions averaged 1.9 yards per play. One-point-nine. They were down 27-0 before they scored a point.

So Lynn isn't lying to himself or anyone else. He isn't searching for positives where there are none to be found. When he reviewed the tape of the Lions' offense last week, here's what he liked:

"Not a damn thing," he said Thursday. "Not a damn thing. Every game up until then, I could have come up here and told you some positives. But after that game, it’s just the way I felt. And I think our squad feels that way offensively. We’re blessed to have another opportunity on Sunday."

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