Justin Fields to the Lions? At least one expert thinks so


There's a growing sentiment that QB's Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Mac Jones will be the first three picks of the draft. And that only one QB will be selected in the three picks after that.

Which means that either Trey Lance or Justin Fields will likely be available to the Lions at No. 7, assuming the club stays put.

Could Detroit pull the trigger on a potential franchise quarterback -- after already acquiring its potential quarterback of the future? At least one draft expert thinks so.

In his third mock of the year, NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah sent Fields to the Lions following Monday's trade that saw the Panthers acquire Sam Darnold from the Jets:

"This could be a trade spot, with some teams picking after Detroit potentially in the market for a quarterback, but I wouldn't rule out the Lions staying put and taking a signal-caller themselves," Jeremiah writes. "Fields has more upside than Jared Goff."

Broncos reporter Benjamin Allbright adds "not to be surprised" if the Lions go QB at No. 7 "if the right one fell in their lap." Denver, at No. 9, is the closest team after Detroit that could be eyeing a quarterback.

Goff is the wild card in all of this. The Lions are tied to him for at least the next two years after restructuring his contract this offseason, and the two-time Pro Bowler has the full support of GM Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell.

Detroit didn't take on Goff's contract from the Rams just to increase its return in the Matthew Stafford trade. It brought him here to be its starting quarterback.

That said, Holmes has made it clear the Lions remain in the QB market with the seventh overall pick. And offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn has said he likes the idea of grooming a rookie under a vet.

If the Lions fall in love with Fields and Fields falls in their lap, we could see the eventual successor to Goff arrive the same year as the current successor to Stafford.