Hear the tragic truth about one of baseball's oldest rivalries


Throughout MLB history, countless rivalries have formed. Many of them are legendary, like the Yankees and Red Sox, Cardinals and Cubs and the Dodgers and Giants.

But one of the oldest rivalries that exists doesn’t get the attention these days that it once did.

I guess time can heal all wounds. Or can it?

It began on Aug. 16, 1920, with one pitch.

Later that night, a promising young Cleveland ballplayer's life ended after being struck in the head by a ball hurled from a Yankee, one of the most notorious head hunters in the game at that time.

That deadly pitch ignited a rivalry between two ball clubs, sent a team into mourning and cost a young shortstop, Ray Chapman his life.

Carl Mays, a hard-throwing submarine style pitcher, hit Chapman so square in the head, he thought the pitch had actually hit Chapman’s bat. It was written that Babe Ruth, who was in his first season with the Yankees, and in right field at the time, could hear the ball hit Chapmans head all the way from right field.

Watch my visit with Emmy award winning producer, Andy Billman, who will take you through the events of that day and the historical battles between the clubs that have featured an attempted baseball ban, fights on the field, tension-filled fans, exciting pennant races, championship glory, and Hall of Famers.

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In conjunction with the 102nd anniversary of the pitch (Aug. 16) and Chapman’s death the next day, a new trailer for War on the Diamond is available HERE.