The Valenti Show: "Little Bro is back" with MSU punting on home game


The Michigan State-Penn State football game this season, originally slated to be played Saturday, Nov. 25 in East Lansing, has been moved to Ford Field on Black Friday in primetime. And Valenti thinks "it's a disgrace" for the Spartans, who reportedly consented to the relocation 'for the good of the' Big Ten:

"Basically, Little Bro is back. You might as well change the name of the school to the Michigan State Capitulators. It makes me sick to my stomach. Michigan State made major concessions to the Big Ten for ‘the good of the league.’ The league hates you. Wake up! They’ve never looked out for you. They don’t like you. They protect Michigan and Ohio State and they will throw you into a flaming garbage can the first chance they get. Why are we doing anything in 2023 for the good of the league? Good of what league?"

Valenti says Michigan State has "a $9.5 million coach and a 10 cent athletic department" and its reward for moving the game to Ford Field is "it's going to look like the Quick Lane Bowl" where "you’re not going to have a college atmosphere:"

"It’s a joke. For any of you morons who think this is a great thing, newsflash, wake me when Penn State gives away their home game in Happy Valley next year and we play it at Heinz Field. Wake me up. Because it won’t happen. Just like Michigan won’t do it or Ohio State won’t do it."

MSU season-ticket holders have been refunded their money for Penn State and will have first priority for the game at Ford Field, but Valenti says it's not enough for losing one of the biggest home games of the season:

"Here’s my advice to you if you’re a season-ticket holder: Get rid of ‘em. They don't care about you. You’re nothing. You’re a maggot on a grocery bag. They are literally telling you, 'Hey, thanks for sending us your hard-earned money. But now, we’ve been pimped. So we’re going to go ahead and send you that back and you get first priority to buy tickets to a place that’s not Michigan State, that’s not East Lansing, that’s not the campus, that’s not the place you love, that you’re not going to tailgate at, not if you plan on having your car not up on blocks. Give me a break."

Along with Ohio State and Michigan, Penn State is annually one of the three biggest games on the Spartans' schedule. Valenti says it's shameful to take true home-field advantage and punt it away:

"I think it’s a disgrace. And I think MSU needs to nut up. Always apologizing, always capitulating. ‘Oh, we’ll do it for the good of the league.’ And then you know what the league does? They pull their pants down and they rip ass in your face. Why would you do anything for this conference?"

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