J.D. Martinez's grand slam hit Houston fan in the head, ended up with Red Sox fan

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ALCS Game 2 - Martinez and Devers Grand Slams, Final Call
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HOUSTON - The fact that J.D. Martinez managed to hit a first-inning grand slam in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series (the first of two for the Red Sox) was crazy enough. What happened after the ball landed was a whole other story.

"It hit off a body and we caught it," said New York resident but diehard Red Sox fan Sean Tarmey. "It meant everything to us."

Actually ...

The story starts before what would ultimately be a Red Sox' 9-5 win when Tarmey met an Astros name named "Reggie." A deal was stuck between the two while sitting out in right field: If the Red Sox fan caught an Astros homer, he would give it to the Astros fan. But if Reggie managed to haul in a Sox homer, than it would belong to Tarmey.

Sure enough, in the very first inning, Martinez launched his grand slam 363 feet and into the sea of orange. The ball, however, would bounce off a Houston fan's head on the fly and land into the hands of Reggie. (The fan hit by the ball was OK, having to actually fill out an injury report.)

A deal was a deal. Reggie gave the ball to Tarmey. But the Red Sox fan wasn't going to take it without showing some gratitude, ultimately buying his new buddy an Alex Bregman jersey for the gesture.

In the end, everybody won ... except the Astros (and one Houston fan who probably woke up with a headache).