WATCH: Aaron Hicks launches a 330-plus yard drive at Topgolf



That’s a phrase John Sterling has busted out 68 times since 2016 – once for every home run Aaron Hicks has hit in pinstripes – but as it turns out, the Yankees’ center field is still just as comfortable blasting a Titleist than he is the Rawlings cowhide.

Hicks was, and still is, an incredible golfer – we’re talking Southern California regional PGA Tour-worthy as a youth, and handicap close to scratch as an adult – but chose baseball over that sport as a profession. Solid decision, given that he is in the midst of a $70 million contract with the Yankees, but he’s still got it off the tee if MLB suddenly goes under.

The switch-hitter is apparently a righty golfer as seen in the video below, posted by Aaron’s father, Joe, on Instagram. The pair visited a Topgolf facility near dad’s home in the Phoenix area recently, and, well, A-A-Ron done good with a blast that apparently carried 330 yards on the fly.

That truly is PGA Tour quality, and, as we know, would be a homer in some parts of Yankee Stadium! The only problem here is that we're guessing Topgolf doesn't get a lot of 1,000-foot bombs hit off their tees, so Hicks' ball might be lost forever...hopefully he reimbursed them!

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