Xbox begs fans to not blow vape smoke into their Xbox Series X


Days after the Xbox Series X was released, internet jokesters are sharing videos making it look like the next-gen console is overheating.

In viral clips on social media, Xbox owners complained that their new consoles were already malfunctioning by showing smoke coming out of its vents, reported Vice.

In most of the videos, the console is placed upright with the plumes of smoke billowing out of the top as if to insinuate that it was on fire.

But as it turns out, there really is no damage to the $500 console as the smoke appears to be caused by owners blowing vape smoke into the side of the Xbox.

The prank was further explained by The Verge.

“How to get your Xbox Series X to blow up,” Tom Warren, a senior editor at the outlet, captioned a clip demonstrating how the vape illusion is done.

Warren made further light of the antics by jokingly referring to the steps involved:

1) buy a vape
2) blow vape into bottom of Xbox
3) feel proud of the smoke you created
4) post to Twitter and profit

The viral videos eventually got noticed by executives at Xbox who responded with an advisory.

“We can't believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X,” wrote the official Xbox Twitter account.

In a followup tweet, Xbox included information for any non-vape related customer service issues.

The Xbox Series X went on sale on November 10th for $499.99 and has sold out at many retail and online locations like Walmart.

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