Valenti Show On Rumor Matthew Stafford Wants Lions To Trade Him – Plot Twist!


Michael Silver at Sports Illustrated says he's hearing talk from coaches and GMs saying Matthew Stafford wants the Detroit Lions to trade him.

Plot twist!

And the Valenti Show couldn't wait to weigh in on it. "That, that my friend, is juicy," Valenti said ... "It was always kind of a marriage that worked except for the fans because we don't win anything."

Stafford being the one initiating the conversation behind the scenes? Could it be true? No one knows, but Valenti says, "I've waited years for this ... How can a guy at this stage (not) want more for his career?"

He added he would have no anger toward Matthew Stafford if this turned out to be true.

"I love hearing this because it's actually Stafford maybe, finally, getting to the point where he says 'Screw it, I'm done' ... I can't blame him for that," producer Mike 'Sully' Sullivan said.

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