Ed Sheeran talks artificial intelligence, new music, and being a 'maniac' with Chris Hemsworth

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Ed Sheeran has been wowing crowds with the use of cutting edge technology on his current + – = ÷ × Tour (The Mathematics Tour). With top-notch visuals, a rotating stage, and his infamous looping pedals, Sheeran is clearly a fan of the latest and greatest, but according to him — there is such thing as too much.

LISTEN NOW: Ed Sheeran joins Audacy's Bru for an exclusive chat

Sheeran recently joined Audacy’s Bru for an exclusive chat at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City and shared his opinions on AI (artificial intelligence) entering the music space.

“I just find AI a bit weird…. I just don’t see why you need it,” he said of the bots that can be used to create new rhythms, harmonies and melodies. “If you’re taking a job away from a human being, I think that’s probably a bad thing because… the whole point of society is we all do the jobs and the whole thing. If everything is done by robots then everybody is going to be out of work.”

He continued, “what I don’t understand about AI is like, for the last 60 years, Hollywood movies have been telling you, ‘Don’t do it,’ and now everyone’s doing it and I’m just like, ‘Have you not seen the movies where they kill us all?’”

Sheeran is happy to give fans something they haven’t experienced before (without the use of AI) as he teases a brand new strategy for releasing his next project.

“I’m planning an interesting rollout of it,” Sheeran said of his next release of “symbol” albums. “Every time I work out the music industry, it changes, so I kind of want to do my own thing rather than try and do the traditional thing. So, the next thing that comes out will be something that hasn’t been done before, I guess.”

No matter how unique the strategy, Sheeran can surely count on the support of his fans, including Chris Hemsworth. The actor has attended three of Sheeran’s shows on his current tour and calls himself “a borderline stalker” of the English singer-songwriter.

“I fangirl over him as well, so it’s like mutual fangirling,” Sheeran said of Hemsworth before sharing details of how they met.

“We have a few mutual friends, but I met him in Australia. I was staying in Byron Bay and he was like, ‘just come around to the house.’ So I went around to the house with my wife and kids, and he’s got a wife and kids… so we hung out on like, a wholesome level. And then we went out, the two of us, and he’s an absolute maniac — same as me…. It’s quite nice to have someone you can get on with on both levels.”

Aside from hanging out with his new pal, Hemsworth, and writing songs each week, Sheeran shared another hobby of his is collecting movie props.

“I’ve got more memorabilia of other people at my house,” he said when asked about his favorite personal memorabilia. “I collect film props. I bought Peter Pan’s costume from Hook and Rubio’s sword and the hook from Hook. I like film props.”

Hear more from Sheeran surrounding his music, tour, and more by checking out his entire conversation with Bru above.

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