Rock's Blog: Making Your Christmas Tree Pet & Kid Proof

Can it be done?
cat in Christmas tree
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Shannon messaged us asking for help in making her Christmas tree kid & pet proof. I've used unbreakable ornaments...but that's the extent I've gone. Here's a few ideas we received from listeners.

Good luck!

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Tie it to the banister in two spots with fishing line and put weights on the tree stand

Put it up Christmas Eve and take it down Christmas Day. I love my pets more than I love my tree

Put it in a Playpen

Put it up outside, hang it from the ceiling, put a 10 ft gate around it, hire some armed guards, buy an invisible one. Many options really

Don’t hang anything I care about on it and tie it to the wall. We have 9 cats - one is having his first Christmas. I don’t even try. It’s not worth stressing about.

We had issues with our kittens climbing in our tree and I did some research and came across a tips and tricks kind of page and it said to spray the tree down with this Orange Guard (tried posting a picture but picture wouldn’t upload) spray and they will leave it alone. It worked like a charm! I only sprayed it down once and many years later it still has the orange smell and they dont climb in it or really do anything to it even with ornaments on the bottom.

Used to tie it to the window locks on each side and use only unbreakable ornaments

I used to use a baby gate all the way around it. Luckily my 2 year old is the best out of 7 and she doesn't bother the tree or the presents we put under it.

I gave up that task a long time ago. I just try keeping it nice looking until Christmas.

my husband has command hooks on the ceiling to tie fishing string to the tree just in case. And we don't put ornaments low where they can get them.

Baby gates.

Don’t decorate the bottom

I taught my pets from the start. When they messed with it they would get squirted with water.

The only thing they do now is lay on the tree skirt.

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