Rocky & Lissa: The RED FLAGS You Shouldn't Have Ignored

Red flag
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The signs are there, but many of us tend to put blinders on. Wednesday morning Rocky & Lissa asked for the obvious RED FLAG you saw early in your relationship that you ignored.

*He was 30 & living with his Mom "temporarily!"
*Watch how he treats the people around him. The person could be really nice to you, but really mean or rude to others.
*The only person he introduced me to in his life was the girl he cheated on me with!
*Getting super clingy too fast.
*46 and living with Momma and never owning anything in his life.
*When they don't introduce you to anyone.
*Flirting and being suggestive with other women online.
*He ate my fries.
*Telling you what you can and can't do.
*He was 30 something, still lived at home and had a CURFEW!
*He said "I don't deserve you." I should've believed that, but I didn't.
*Crazy "ex" girlfriend.
*He didn't want anyone to know we were in a relationship.
*When he picked me up on our first day, his Grandma & Mother were in the back seat.
*All his exes were crazy.
*Not wanting to spend time with my family or friends.
*How he didn't make a single decision without his parent's approval...not even to spend his own money.
*Controlling how I wore my hair, how I dressed and always making negative comments about anyone in my life.
*Attention seeking behavior and a history of serial dating and then complaining about always dating "the wrong guys."
*His odd dependence on his Mother.
*Acting like we didn't know each other in public.
*He told me everything I wanted to hear.

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