Rocky & Lissa's Mount Rushmore of Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Who's your top 4 all-time?
Mount Rushmore
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It's Rocky & Lissa's MT RUSHMORE of Super Bowl Halftime Shows. What are your 4 all-time favorite shows? And can you limit your choices to just 4?

Bruno Mars
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Lissa's List

*Bruno Mars/Red Hot Chili Peppers (2014)
*Prince (2007)
*Kings of Rock & Pop: Aerosmith/NSYNC/Britney Spears/Mary J. Blige/Nelly (2001)
*Jennifer Lopez/Shakira (2020)

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Rock's List

*Prince (2007)
*Lady Gaga (2017)
*Bruce Springsteen (2009)
*Michael Jackson (1993)

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