MAX on the tools, music, and understanding that make a positive impact on his mental health

'Music is a beautiful thing'
By , Audacy

During a recent chat with Audacy, MAX shared some of tools he uses to help maintain his mental health.

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“I have an incredible therapist that I try to talk to once a month,” MAX revealed. “I also try to meditate and I’m a big bath guy… just making the time in your day to have a couple minutes… it always makes me feel better."

As an artist, MAX uses music as tool as well. “I use music to take care of my mental health, usually when I want something that's just meditative,” he shared. “Listening to something that makes me feel really present and in that moment… music is one of those ways… music is a beautiful thing.”

When it comes to how MAX thinks the conversations about mental health could use improvement, he expressed a way he thinks “we can work together” is “by just being honest with each other.”

“We’re all going through something, and no matter what… everybody’s been through some sort of trauma and you never know what somebody’s going through. So be kind, and more gentle and understanding that somebody might be having a bad day and that's okay.”

Listen to everything MAX had to say above.

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