Woman Gets Coronavirus Despite Staying at Home for 3 Weeks


A woman in North Carolina remained home for more than three weeks, but still tested positive for coronavirus.

Charlotte resident Rachel Brummert told WCNC, an NBC affiliate, that her experience with COVID-19 was the sickest she has ever been.

The Charlotte native suffers from an autoimmune disorder and said she left her home once for a trip to the pharmacy in mid-March. Since then, she has kept her distance from her husband, who is living in a separate room.

A woman who has since tested positive for COVID-19 dropped off groceries on Brummert’s doorstep. Brummert said that while she didn’t have contact with the woman, she did touch the bags of food without gloves.

Brummert also added that she does get the mail every couple of days, but always exercises caution by wearing gloves. Admittedly, she did not think to wear gloves when she brought in packages, but clarified that she never ordered takeout during this period.

Regardless of how she caught it, she wants people to know that the virus is hard to trace.

“I really thought I was doing everything right,” Brummert said.

As for contracting the virus, she said this is not like the flu, but “it’s a whole other monster.”

Brummert has experienced many of the symptoms associated with the virus, including fever, trouble breathing, cough, and headache. She said it took several days to meet the criteria to be tested.

The North Carolina woman has been vocal on Twitter while posting updates on her condition. She posted a message for her followers on Easter.

“Easter COVID19 style," the post's caption began. "Fever is down to 99.8 this morning. Coughing a little less. SpO2 98%. No headache. Mostly just fatigued. Happy and safe Easter everyone.”

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