Parents showing off their toddlers’ tattoos sparks new outrage

Mother and daughter with temporary tattoos
Mother and daughter with temporary tattoos Photo credit Getty Images/Eva Mae Ritter

It doesn’t take much to spark outrage on the internet, but at first glance it’s easy to see why so many people have a problem with this latest TikTok trend.

Parents on the app have begun sharing videos of their young toddlers getting some ink.

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Yes, “tattoos for tots” is sparking major outrage online but before you lose your gasket you do need to know, these tattoos aren’t real.

The craze began when a Florida couple shared off their baby’s brand new “Mom” tattoo last summer, and millions were convinced that the ink was permanent.  One person commented, “Why would you get your baby a tattoo for? Like what the f- -k is wrong with you people?”

Well, that tattoo was airbrushed, and the trend has seemed to continue over the past year, with plenty of parents showing off all of their babies’ “tattoos.”

Rules about minors getting permanent tattoos vary from state to state.  In Texas, minors need written consent and the presence of a legal guardian to get a tattoo, and they ONLY may get one if it’s "in the best interest" of the minor, and can only be done to cover an "obscene or offensive" existing tattoo.

However, many believe exposing your kids to tattoos at a young age could be beneficial.

Vegas tattooist Ayala Bratt said per the New York Post, “I think opening kids up to the world of tattoos is completely OK.”

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