People have started listing “the other half of their bed” for rent as housing market gets worse

Man pulling suitcase entering hotel room
Man pulling suitcase entering hotel room Photo credit Getty Images/Tero Vesalainen

We’re all still waiting for the day when the housing market steadies.  Will that day ever come?  We’re not sure, and there are some folks in Toronto who have taken to extreme measures to make sure they make rent next month.

Last month, Toronto-based realtor Anya Ettinger posted a TikTok seemingly advertising the other side of their bed to rent.

Per Business Insider, the listing for the half of bed read, “Looking for an easy going female to share the master bedroom and the one Queen-sized bed.

“I have been previously sharing the bedroom which only has one queen size with roommate I found on Facebook and it worked out perfectly well!”

Ettinger says it’s a sign of how bad things have gotten in Toronto, whose rental market is the second-most expensive in Canada.  However, this trend of “hot bedding” appears to be on the rise.

A survey by the University of Technology Sydney polled 7,000 international students living in Sydney and Melbourne and found three percent of respondents had resorted to hot-bedding to save on rent.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/Tero Vesalainen