Viral video slams people who mistake the Chilean flag for Texas on TikTok

Chilean flag waving in the sky
Chilean flag waving in the sky Photo credit Getty Images/Leonardo Silveira

It’s a mistake no doubt you’ve made at least once before in your life because hey, it’s definitely an easy one to make.

How many of you have mixed up the flags of Chile and Texas before?

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The two look very similar and it’s an easy mistake to make, but a TikTok user named Ivan has had enough.

He posted a video on the app calling out everyone on the app who mistakes the two flags saying, “I get so excited thinking, 'Oh my God another fellow Chileno,' and right under it, it says Austin...Yeehaw me this, if you don't even know what you're flag looks like, maybe you're not as proud of a Texas as you think you are.”

In the comments on the video, people aren’t really disagreeing with what Ivan has to say, either

Per, one person wrote, "Texas thinking the Chilean flag is the Texas flag is really on brand for Texans tho," although one person kind of stood up for Texans writing, "We know it's not the flag but it's close enough."

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/Leonardo Silveira