Corey Taylor checks in to give details on his upcoming CMF2 album and U.S. tour

'On this album, we just decided to up the stakes'
Audacy Check In with Corey Taylor
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Joining us for a special Audacy Check In with host Jason Bailey today is Slipknot singer and solo artist Corey Taylor discussing his new CMF2 album on the way, the new single "Beyond," and more.

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Corey Taylor is getting set to drop a brand new solo collection; his second solo offering, CMF2, is already expected to "chew up that first record and spit it out,' to quote the singer. "it's got hints of CMFT but there are also hints of SlipknotStone Sour, and all the stuff I've done in my acoustic shows. It's got everything for everybody. People are going to f***ing lose it," he told NME back in March.

Speaking with Jason Bailey on release day for the first single, "Beyond," Corey says although he's incredibly proud of that first CMFT record, it "felt more like where we were coming from than where we, in this album, it kind of feels like where we're going. On this album, we just decided to up the stakes. The music is more expansive, there's heavier stuff, there's darker stuff. It still kind of paints with the whole palette like the first album does, but there's just a little more there, man. You know, to me, it's the best rock album of this year and next year. I mean, it's that good."

“This project,” compared to his other two, he continues, “it was really after we toured, and I was able to kind of put all of that music onto one stage and see that my band could really up the stakes and really go for it. That's what kind of led me to go, ‘I can lay more into this music and really take it up a notch if I wanted to because it all works. So, I'm pretty lucky when it comes to [being] able to, if I think of a song, no matter what the genre, no matter what the style, no matter what instrument lends itself to it, I can just do it. Not a lot of dudes can say that. I've definitely started keeping more stuff for myself,” he adds with a laugh. “I'm a greedy, greedy dog, sometimes. But at the same time, I mean, the first 20 years of my career, I would look at certain stuff and... I would know when I was writing it that it was instinctively like a Slipknot song or Stone Sour song. You can just tell, you know? And then there's times where a song you would think would be one or the other, I would choose the one that people didn't really necessarily think it was for.”

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More music and visuals from this new project are definitely on the way, Taylor says. “We actually just shot the video about a week ago for ‘Beyond,’ and another one, actually. We got a twofer out of this thing because there was so much good footage, and so much craziness going on...”

Asked which of his three projects -- Slipknot, Stone Sour, and CMFT -- he would like to see inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Corey pointedly stated, “At this point, who gives a s*** really, to be honest? It’s hard for me to say that they get it wrong, because sometimes the people they induct 100% deserve it. But there’s still so many groups that should go in," he adds, "before some of the ones that have. And it really upsets me, dude, so at this point it’s like, I don’t even know if I’ll be considered for something like that, and I couldn’t care less."

"To me, that’s a high-five at the end of your career, ya know? I would rather have that later on. It’s just something I don’t really concern myself with. Would I be a stingy hog and want to be like the late, great David Crosby and be in there like four times? That would be great – if I could be in there for all three acts, that’d be killer," he says. "But, I don’t think I’m gonna even get in for one. So, it’s fine. I’ve got better things to do."

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CMF2 album tracklist:

1. The Box
2. Post Traumatic Blues
3. Talk Sick
4. Breath Of Fresh Smoke
5. Beyond
6. We Are The Rest
7. Midnight
8. Starmate
9. Sorry Me
10. Punchline
11. Someday I’ll Change Your Mind
12. All I Want Is Hate
13. Dead Flies

Tickets for Taylor's U.S. tour will be on-sale beginning Friday, May 19. Use code CMF2 to access pre-sale tickets starting Tuesday, May 16 at 12PM ET / 9AM PT via

Corey Taylor 2023 U.S. headlining tour dates:

8/25 | Denver, CO
8/27 | Kansas City, MO
8/28 | Minneapolis, MN
8/30 | Milwaukee, WI
8/31 | Chicago, IL
9/2 | Chesterfield, MO
9/3 | Pryor, OK
9/5 | Detroit, MI
9/7 | Cleveland, OH
9/9 | Cincinnati, OH
9/10 | Alton, VA
9/12 | Montclair, NJ
9/13 | Boston, MA
9/15 | Wallingford, CT
9/16 | Huntington, NY
9/18 | N. Myrtle Beach, SC
9/19 | Orlando, FL
9/21 | Huntsville, AL
9/22 | Louisville, KY
9/24 | Houston, TX
9/25 | Dallas, TX
9/27 | Albuquerque, NM
9/28 | Tempe, AZ
9/29 | Henderson, NV
10/1 | San Diego, CA
10/3 | Riverside, CA
10/5 | Los Angeles, CA
10/7 | Sacramento, CA

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