Career criminal from the Upstate sentenced to life

55 year old Keith Vincent Brown of Spartanburg Photo credit 7th Circuit Solicitor's Office

A Spartanburg Man with a long documented criminal history has been sentenced to life in prison. 55 year old, Keith Vincent Brown was found guilty after a trial this week on charges of 1st degree burglary and petit larceny.

Court documents say in Brown's latest case, he broke into a Spartanburg County home and stole a TV and a wallet, among other items. The homeowners were not home but family members noticed suspicious activity and called the Sheriff's Office.

After arriving, deputies found Brown close to the home and he had the homeowner's wallet on him, when he was taken into custody. Brown has prior convictions for grand and petit larceny, 3rd degree assault, bribing an officer, resisting arrest and has 10 prior burglary convictions.

7th Circuit Assistant Solicitor Spenser Smith prosecuted the case. Smith said of Brown's 11th burglary conviction “Thankfully for the
citizens of Spartanburg County, it will be his last.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: 7th Circuit Solicitor's Office