This Home's Halloween Decorations have Neighbors Calling the Cops

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Riverside, California's hottest Halloween display has one couple well-acquainted with the city's police department. Carmen and Travis Long's "house fire" is so convincing that passing residents have made countless panicked calls to 911. With the first floor lit up in flames and smoke creeping across the lawn, the house looks like its burning, the first 911 call lead to a visit from the fire department. Carmen said "We had a big truck here on the side. Initially, they thought it was a real fire.  They got out of the truck, looked around and give my husband a high five and said 'great job!'" Looking to pirates for inspiration, Carmen said "My husband 'stole' the idea from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland... the fire is "just satin cloth, an orange light, a red light and a fan."  Since then, the Longs have been kind enough to give the police the "heads up" before they light their display each weekend.