City Year Milwaukee - how you can help local students and leaders during During COVID-19


City Year Milwaukee is a non-profit organization that helps create opportunities for students to thrive inside and outside the classroom with their "Student Success Coaches" that work in local schools.

Now that over 55 million students are learning from home, the need to help and support them is greater than ever.

In this episode of Public Affairs, Executive Director Meralis Hood explains how her team is rising to the challenge during the coronavirus pandemic! She also shares ways for you to help continue their mission during this challenge time.

Here are 5 ways that you can help City Year Milwaukee:

  1. Host learning workshops and webinars for their Americorps members
  2. Share job opportunities with their Americorps members
  3. Share an inspirational message with their Americorps members
  4. Tell an 18-25 year old you know to apply to City Year
  5. Donate supplies to their Americorps members*

*Click HERE to see the list of donation items on Amazon.


If you'd like to see an organization or event doing good things in the community to be featured on a future Public Affairs Sunday broadcast, you can leave us a message HERE.



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