Give yourself the gift of the "Big O" this holiday season!

ADULT CONVERSATION on 50 Shades of Kay Podcast


Self love is important for your physical, emotional and mental health. And today we’re talking about giving yourself the BIG O!!

Molly Sommerhalder is back!! She is the founder of Swan in the Lotus, Yoga and Wellness. She’s a woman’s embodiment coach and a yoga teacher. She has been on a lifelong journey to healing her high-toned pelvic floor and sharing her experience and knowledge with all of you so that you can create a space for embodiment and self love!

And that conversation we had back in July on the podcast we touched (pun intended) a little bit on orgasms and the importance of having an orgasm.

She'll guide you through steps you can do today to help you achieve orgasm and feel more in line with your feminine self.

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