Ladies - here's your guide to the pelvic floor!

And how to strengthen it!


Real talk - I had never even heard of the pelvic floor until my colleague, Molly Sommerhalder, told me she was leaving her job in public relations to start a business that focused on strengthening the pelvic floor!

And from talking to Molly, I learned how common it is to have issues with the pelvic floor. In fact, 27% of women 40 to 59 will experience a pelvic floor issue or condition. Once I heard that, I knew more women would benefit from hearing about what she can teaches.

And some of the symptoms could be:

*Constant need to urinate
*Uncontrolled release of bowel or urine during daily activities
*Painful sex
*Vaginal dryness or imbalance
*Tight or loose pelvic floor muscles
*Feeling like your pelvic floor is hanging low

Molly is the proud founder of Swan in the Lotus, Yoga and Wellness. She’s a woman’s embodiment coach and a yoga teacher. She's on 50 Shades of Kay to answer your questions and share what she has learned on her lifelong journey to healing her high-toned pelvic floor.

You can connect with her at

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