How to Mother a New Mother

New Baby
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Do you know someone who's expecting a baby? If so, you also know that they're gong to need HELP. So how do you Mother a New Mother?

Lucky for us, "the internet's favorite grandma" is here. Her name is Barbara Costello, perhaps better known as "Brunch with Babs" online. She's famous for her advice and she gives us some good advice for helpig new moms

If you're a friend, Babs says in her now viral video, "Drop off a meal, and make it an easy one that she can make anytime." She suggests someting like fajita dump meal, with the veggies and meat cut up and marinating in a big Ziploc. Thay way the new mom and fix it immediatly or plop it in a freezer and fix when she's ready.

If you're the mother of the new mother,  Babs says you have one job: pamper her. “If you can, be there as long as she needs you.” New moms always need an extra set of hands.

If you're the new mom's Mother-In-Law, Babs says  "her role in helping her son and daughter-in-law is usually to stock the fridge and take the older siblings to give mom some time.'

The video also includes a visit from "Mr Babs," Barbar's Husband, and he had some advice for new dads based on her personal experience with Babs. “As a dad, when my kids were newborns, it was important for me to step up even more than usual,” adding,  "checking in with the new mom every day to see how she’s feeling is also very important."

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