Intoxicated man causing disturbances tries to hide from cops under a blanket

Surprisingly, NOT a Florida man story!
blanket ghost
Photo credit Getty Images | jockermax

Police in Maine didn't have to search far to find a man who had been causing disturbances at a local hotel. Police in Belfast, Maine were called to the Admiral Ocean Inn on Sunday night after there were reports of an intoxicated man causing disturbances on the property.

When they arrived they removed the man from the property and told him if he came back he would be arrested. A few hours later police were called again because the man had returned. When police arrived the second time, they found a person sitting in a chair in the parking lot covered in a blanket. Turns out it was the intoxicated man from the previous incident attempting to HIDE. He was then taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass and violation of bail conditions.

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