Lubbock couple's vacation delayed after dog hid in their suitcase

While weighing their suitcase, the couple found it was over weight by five-and-a-half pounds, and tried to do some rearranging. That's when they found their little stowaway!
Chihuahua standing in a suitcase
Chihuahua standing in a suitcase Photo credit Getty Images

Jared and Kristi Owens of Lubbock were excited for a weekend getaway to Las Vegas when unfortunately, their trip was slightly delayed. Upon arriving at the airport to weigh their bags, Jared found that one of them was over weight by about five-and-a-half pounds.

Jared told KCBD, "They put it on the scale and this bag is basically like five, five and a half pounds overweight. Really quickly we are like, oh, we have got to rearrange some stuff. Opens it up and literally, there’s our dog coming out of my boot, coming out of my boot with his head bopping up."

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Yes, their pet Chihuahua Icky managed to sneak into their suitcase and work her way into Jared's boot, a discovery they didn't make until they were at the airport!

Luckily, the Owens' trip wasn't delayed too much, as Southwest Airlines employee Cathy Cook offered to watch Icky while the couple was away.

Jared said, "They have got a heck of an employee in Cathy. She went above and beyond and never made us feel, you know, they could have turned us in saying we were trying to smuggle a dog to Vegas or something. Never acted like that, they were extremely gracious. Like I said, she was willing to watch our dog for us while we were gone."

Jared is just thankful they were able to discover Icky before they actually boarded their flight. "Thank goodness we found this dog because you would have gotten to Vegas and you probably would have had a deceased animal in your bag," he said.

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