Texas golfer hits ball that gets struck by lightning

The video was shared recently by Top Golf and quickly went viral

As many golfers know; hitting the perfect shot is almost impossible. No matter how much practice is put in, far too often golfers go to swing, only for the ball to launch in the complete wrong direction. It’s always a good feeling when a golfer actually manages to hit a good shot. Sadly for one Texas golfer, nature got in the way of his excitement.

In a clip that recently went viral, a golfer in Texas swings at a ball, only for it to be struck by lightning in midair. The incident occurred at a Top Golf in San Antonio. According to Chron, the group was hoping to get one last shot in before leaving. “I heard the thunder and my instinct was to run. It was all a blur. It could have hit me. It could have hit any of us. It was actually pretty scary after I was thinking about it for a while,” said Tomas Gomez, the golfer in the video.

The incident occurred back in May, but was recently shared online by Top Golf, where it quickly went viral. Luckily, no one was harmed and the group was able to leave safely. He may never get a hole in one, but at least he can say he hit lightning.