Texas police share video of alligator they “arrested” in family’s pool

The police jokingly claimed the alligator was “swimming naked” in the pool

Of all the ways people choose to cool off during the summer months, hitting the pool for a day of swimming is clearly the favorite for most. Apparently, people aren’t the only ones looking to have a relaxing day in the water this summer. Police in Texas recently shared video of an alligator they “arrested,” jokingly claiming the alligator was caught “swimming naked” in a family’s pool.

As seen in the video that has since gone viral, two police officers attempt to remove an alligator from a hot tub in a family’s backyard. After a few attempts the officers eventually get the gator corralled, as according to their viral post “the suspect resisted at first but was soon arrested and later released without further incident.” Many online enjoyed the police department’s humorous post, as it has received over 400 likes and has been shared almost 100 times.

According to Fox News, the alligator was released back into the wild after it was removed from the family’s home. As for the officers, containing a “naked” alligator seemed much easier than a naked person. Hopefully the alligator sticks to the swamps for its summer time swimming.