Join us for a special performance and conversation with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the DTS Sound Space

Catch up with the band before their 'Just Like Heaven' fest and headlining tour dates
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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs joined us for a special performance and conversation today, hosted by Klein. Ally. Show from the DTS Sound Space in Los Angeles, giving fans a taste of what to expect on their 2023 summer tour now underway.

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Currently on the road in support of their 2022 comeback album Cool It Down, Karen O, Nick Zinner, and Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs kicked off their 2023 tour itinerary at the beginning of May and will be making stops in several major U.S. cities including Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, and more before hopping across the pond to wrap in Europe at the end of August.

It’s an exciting time for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, performing the Just Like Heaven festival on May 13 amid a headlining tour, new music recently released, and on top of all that it’s the 20th anniversary of their 2003 debut, Fever To Tell.

“We had like an early dinner, that was really celebratory,” singer Karen O. says. “Mother Wolf, I think it was… they spoiled us, and it was like one day into practice, which is probably too early into practice. Yeah, there's no real knowing how to celebrate 20 years,” she admits.

One form of commemoration arrived via a new-to-most video short, There Is No Modern Romance, shot back when the band was on their 2003 U.K. tour. As huge fans of Alternative music in the ‘90s and 2000s, Ally says, those are the decades that will always be obsessed over, while wondering if the band members have the same kinds of attachments.

Guitarist Nick explains, “I mean… I still don't really know how to answer this question. It's so abstract and it was such a, obviously completely different time, and a lot of ways, a much more innocent time… The 'indie sleaze' times. But, I don't know, like, I still can't really wrap my head around it. We are the same people, but we're also totally different people.”

Looking back at their beginnings, “We had no plan,” Nick admits. “Absolutely. No plan.” Karen adds, “Not only did we have no plan, I remember around the time before we put out ‘Fever To Tell,’ we were touring with some friends of ours, and I remember being like -- this isn't like throwing shade -- but I was just like, our friends who we were playing with were like a bit older than us. And I was just like, ‘Man, I will never be a band for more than 12 years… There's no way.’ And now I'm like, wow, we're the luckiest band in the world like to be around for 23 years. It's so my perspective has changed a lot on that.”

With the Just Like Heaven festival fast approaching, drummer Brian says the band is looking forward to catching up with old friends. “We're gonna get to catch up with a lot of people we haven't seen in a while, like The Walkmen especially, who I think we played one of our earlier shows with them back at this venue called The Cooler. And here we are maybe 22 years later playing a major festival in the Los Angeles area. So, super amazing."

Hoping the band can help settle a debate about annoying concert attendees, Ally asked who they would consider the most obnoxious out of a couple of selections. Who is worse: the person recording the entire concert on their phone, or intoxicated fans screaming out "Play 'Maps' again"? NIck and Karen remember one festival date when a random guy kept yelling his request of "Heads Will Roll" over and over, leading Karen to address him from the stage. It was from the second song on... a few songs in I was like, 'YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT!' But, you know, I get it."

"I do think the person filming the entire show is way more annoying," Nick admits.

Don't miss our full conversation and performance from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the DTS Sound Space above -- and stay tuned for more exclusives from your favorite stars and artists right here on Audacy.

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