[WATCH]: UFOs Sighted Above Cleveland and Detroit

UFO image USA Today
Photo credit © News Journal-USA TODAY Sports

If you'd like something other than the Coronavirus to worry about for a couple of hours, that whole thing might seem like a non-socially-distanced walk in the park if what people are claiming to have seen in Ohio and Michigan are legit. On two consecutive nights, more than a handful of citizens of Cleveland and Detroit witnessed what appear to be very similar groups of unidentifiable flying orbs in the sky, and many of them grabbed video or photos and threw them up online.

BUT the morsel of delightfulness I'm caught up on in all of this is the theory more than a few people put forth, that the Coronavirus was delivered by intelligent life from outer space, and all the increased "UFO" sightings aren't because people are scared and home and have nothing better to do, but that these same aliens are now spectating from above to see how we're handling it as a society. Well, first, as a member of the media I I would like to officially welcome our alien overlords and pledge my undying allegiance to them, and secondly, I'm sorry we're getting so fat, watching that show about tigers, and barely wearing pants. The truth, unfortunately isn't out there, it's down here, and noooooobody's gonna wanna take over this rock after we're done with it.