Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett previews the next live performances from the band: Listen now

'That's a life, that's not even a band'
Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters
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The wheels are in motion as the Foo Fighters prepare to hit the road and take the stage again following the passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins in 2022.

LISTEN NOW: Kyle Meredith With... | Chris Shiflett on New Music, Working with Jaren Johnson, & Upcoming Foo Fighters Tour

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On this episode of the Kyle Meredith With... podcast, Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett sat down to discuss his latest single, “Black Top, White Lines,” from his forthcoming solo album as well as some of the differences he sees between his work in the Foos and his solo efforts.

With a new solo album on the way and a new single out now, Shiflett acknowledges that songwriting for him is not something that happens all the time, especially when he's trying to squeeze in as much family time, surfing, and other personal activities as he can. The songs bubble up over time, he explains, and eventually, things seem to percolate up into something tangible. "It's really easy to get carried away with how you think you're supposed to do it," he admits.

Although he admires those songwriters who can sit down and write songs five days a week, "I just imagine their writing muscles must be so f***ing strong," he says, "but the reality is 'different strokes for different folks.' When I feel like writing, I write...I don't think it makes any sense to me to feel like I have to do this today or whatever... There definitely is a thing though to, like, when the ideas come you gotta chase it down. It's always better to chase it down as it's coming to you... I have a phone filled with ideas that I thought I was gonna get to that I'm never gonna get to."

Also during their chat, Shiflett spoke about his planning currently happening around the upcoming Foo Fighters headlining tour dates, their official return following the passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins last year.

"I mean, it's a tough thing squeezing in when to do solo stuff here and there because, you know, Foo Fighters is a full-time band," says Shiflett. "That's a life, that's not even a band. It's such a massive part of your life, and it's the priority, of course."

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