The 1975's Matty Healy says 'grow up' to Oasis: 'Get back together, stop messing around'

'There is not one person going to a High Flying Birds gig or a Liam Gallagher gig that would not rather be at an Oasis gig'
Matty Healy of The 1975
Matty Healy of The 1975 Photo credit Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Audacy
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Speaking with host Tom Power on his podcast this week, singer and songwriter Matty Healy discusses the close friendship he and his bandmates in The 1975 share, comparing it to what he feels is the absolute ridiculousness of the Oasis brothers' longstanding feud.

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Based on the dysfunctional family dynamics that fans have bore witness to over the years that Britpop favorites Oasis had been together, we can rightly assume that their problems started the very day five-year-old Noel Gallagher welcomed his baby brother Liam into the house. The fact that we all have to grow up in some way or other, Matty admits, is the likely cause of their rift, although he understands that being in a band generally allows artists to stay young forever and "get away with murder."

Asked what he's most proud of with The 1975, Matty admits the relationships and unspoken rules between the members, the way they all understand how each other operates, who needs help at what time, "and how that doesn't need to be communicated," is top of mind. "We've kind of mediated those tensions by being very tactile, very open, and very silly," Healy says. "This is the thing that I don't think people appreciate. People are always like, 'how have you been,' how do you do...' I'm like, 'what is wrong with you people, have you not got mates?'" Joking around, a lot is, "all it is," he adds. "And I'm not trivializing it. What do you do when you're 13? It's like 'Superbad,' right? That's the level of humor. We've been given a license to stay like this. We could dress like grown-ups, we can have girlfriends, but what we can really do is get away with murder. Then we go in the studio and we have this kind of like, spirit of fun, and then we make music which we love."

"It's not that complicated; people get so serious," Matty continues. "That's the problem, like Oasis... what are Oasis doing? Can you imagine being in, potentially right now, still, the coolest band in the world and not doing it because you're in a mard with your brother? Do you know what I mean? I can deal with them dressing like they're in their twenties and being in their fifties, but acting like they're in their twenties, they need to grow up. Liam isn't the problem I don't think. What are they doing? Like, Oasis, stop marding! They're like men of the people, and they're sat around in [London's] Little Venice and Highgate crying over an argument with their brother. Grow up, headline Glastonbury!"

Finally, Matty adds, "there is not one person going to a High Flying Birds gig or a Liam Gallagher gig that would not rather be at an Oasis gig. There is not one person that's there going, 'you know what I loved 'Definitely Maybe,' but my favorite thing is f***ing Noel Gallaghers High Fly...' Do me a favor, get back together, stop messing around. That's my Public Service Announcement."

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