1THING: Company Saving Trees by Making Paper From Stones

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A revolutionary technology is using sustainable material as a substitute for paper, and potentially saving millions of trees worldwide. 

A Japanese company by the name of TBM Co. has created Limex paper, which is made from limestone and without the use of water.

Currently, it takes about 100 tons of water and 20 trees to make one ton of regular paper. In contrast, the company's technology can make the same amount of paper from a ton of limestone, and without using water or resorting to deforestation. 

Limex is also waterproof, sturdy and completely recyclable, which has made it an enviable product for businesses concerned with their carbon footprint. 

One downside is that it’s still a little more expensive than regular paper, but a recent investment by Goldman Sachs looks to bolster its competitiveness in the market.

According to TBM’s website, Limex has been used successfully to make items such as menus, business cards, maps, boxes, stickers and bags. While it’s still not ideal for magazines or books, the company is working on ways to make Limex more flexible for stationery items and other forms of everyday use.

Moving forward, TBM’s founder Nobuyoshi Yamasaki has next set his sights on finding an alternative to non-biodegradable plastic.

“I want to end my life as an entrepreneur by creating a company that will last for hundreds of years; our material will play an active role in many places as the world faces population growth and water shortage,” Yamasaki said.