1Thing: Sustainable Swimwear Made from Recycled Plastic

A man and woman in bathing suits at the beach
Photo credit Goodluz/Getty Images

This summer you can look good at the beach and also feel good knowing you are helping the environment.

Swimwear company Zoggs has created a new collection of bathing suits made from recycled waste recovered from the ocean.

The line is entitled Ecolast and it’s fashioned out of abandoned ghost fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet, and industrial plastic that gets recycled into nylon thread. The result is swimwear that retains its color and shape “exactly the same as virgin nylon.”

Right now, Ecolast swimwear represents less than of half of Zoggs’ product line, but they plan to have 60 percent of their business come from recycled materials by next year. They are also switching to sustainable packaging and have reduced the amount of plastic used in their goggle packaging by 57 percent.

Environmentally conscious consumers can also rest assured knowing their Zoggs’ purchases will arrive in biodegradable plastic bags and hangers made from recycled waste.

In addition, Zoggs is donating 10 percent of all profits from the sales of Ecolast swimwear to Healthy Seas, a nonprofit organization that works to clean the oceans of discarded fishing nets which is responsible for the needless death of marine animals.

Now, while the Ecolast line only carries women’s swimwear, fellas looking to get their beach bodies in ocean-friendly apparel also have options.

Vissla makes board shorts out of coconut husks which are upcycled into an odor-resistant, fast drying, Cocotex® yarn.  The yarn is then blended with Repreve, a polyester yarn sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

The end result is swimwear that breathes and stretches all while reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the sea.

So, pick out your eco-friendly swimsuit and enjoy your moment in the sun.