1Thing: This Is How Lizzo Saves the Environment

By , Audacy

Lizzo is so here to save the environment. We caught up with the “Truth Hurts” star to see what she’s doing to tend to the earth.

Lizzo takes our duty to the planet for real. “Saving the planet is no joke, you guys,” Lizzo tells 1Thing. “We gotta take this s*** serious.”

For Lizzo, the earth is as fierce as she is, and our relationship with her is a two-way street.

“Everybody thinks that we’re killing the earth, but we’re not,” Lizzo says. “The earth is older than us and she knows exactly what she’s doing. And she’s like, ‘Listen, y’all keep playing with me. Keep playing with me. I’ma get rid of all the cute animals that you like. The hot places gonna be cold, and the cold places gonna be hot. Keep playing with me.'”

But Lizzo does not want to play with mother nature, so what does she do?

For one, she keeps her eyes on her carbon footprint. “I don’t have a car. I try to use other people’s emissions, because I don’t wanna add one more emission. I’m not gonna get a car just to be cute. And if I do get a car, it’ll be green and electric.”

Lizzo is also not about the litter. Unless it’s regenerative, of course.

“If I drop a piece of trash, it hurts my soul,” she says. “The only thing I’ll throw out is a banana peel, because I feel like a banana peel grows into a banana tree.”

Well, something like that.

“I never throw it on concrete, I throw it on dirt,” she clarifies. “Like, it’s food for squirrels or something.”

Even though she’s trying her best, she admits there’s always room for improvement. And the more idyllic, the better.

“I wish I could do more,” Lizzo says. “I wish I could just bathe in a lake every morning. Or a river. A lake? That would be kind of weird.”

It’s never too early to get started! Lizzo is serious about reducing her negative impact on the environment, and adamant about helping others to do the same. For more ideas on how you can save the planet, click here and join her in doing 1Thing.