Broadcaster Blasts March Madness, NCAA Basketball

By Audacy

ATLANTA (92.9 The Game) --- As we sit here patiently waiting to salivate over who Zion Williamson is going to dunk on next, the age old argument for student-athletes to be paid has come up again. This time it came from the mouth of long-time broadcaster Gus Johnson.

'I don't like these kids out here with this kind of talent playing for free," Johnson said.

He had already made up his mind that Williamson shouldn't have come back after his injury.

'I was scared when Zion [Williamson] blew his shoe out and almost hurt his knee and almost ruined a bunch of stuff,' Johnson said.

Gus said he feels the NCAA has dropped the ball when it comes to putting a system in place for college basketball players to be compensated in some way other than a scholarship, given the record revenues in the sport.