Travis Barker hints at debut of previously unreleased Box Car Racer song: 'Whenever the time's right'

'I would just love for the fans to hear that song'
Travis Barker
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A previously unreleased Box Car Racer song might see the light of day, according to Travis Barker.

Box Car Racer was Barker's Blink-182 side project with former bandmate Tom DeLonge. The band formed in 2001, and released their one and only album in 2002.

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In an interview with Uproxx, Barker reveals, "There is a Box Car song that's unreleased."

"I think whenever the time's right or it makes sense, we're gonna release it," the drummer says. "I would just love for the fans to hear that song."

In response to a question about whether the song is an archival recording or a new track, Barker laughs and replies, "I can't say."

The right time to release the song may be coming soon: 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of Box Car Racer's formation -- a fact that Barker tweeted out earlier this week.

"Yes, @travisbarker just rolled over and woke me up to tell me, too," DeLonge tweeted back, which got a laughing emoji response from Barker.

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