Cardi B on Dealing With 'WAP' Haters and Using Her Platform to Drop 'Facts'

Cardi checks in!

Cardi B wapped it up with RADIO.COM's Ivy Unleashed from Power96 in Miami this week, and trust us when we tell you, there was nothing off limits when these two pink haired beauties got virtually together.

Some topics of conversation included, the success of her latest single “WAP,” duh. The two also discussed the spectrum of reactions to the song and how since there’s nothing to do during quarantine she’s has plenty of time to make music, the two even had time to gush over their kids.

Ivy let Cardi know that a particular line in “WAP” - “macaroni in a pot” to be exact, now gave mac and cheese a whole new meaning, and that she’ll never look at her kids snack time the same again. Cardi was more than pleased with Ivy’s confession, making an admission of her own, “well that’s what I like to do, you know what I’m sayin’.” Cardi expressed how she loves when people associate her own quotable lyrics with her, referencing one of her early tracks, saying that she heard when people say “Foreva,” they think of her. Guilty.

Speaking of lyrics, it’s safe to say that “macaroni in a pot” would definitely be one of the songs more mild lines. With that said, Ivy was curious and asked if Cardi ever questions herself, if she ever wonders, “am I being too Cardi B?” 

Cardi said that she wasn’t really concerned about people thinking the song was too vulgar, “I was just wondering if people were going to like the song.” Adding, “I just feel like there's other female rappers that have said so much nastier stuff.” She actually found it surprising that people thought that “WAP” was too much. Can you blame her? Cardi, like us, grew up listening to songs with lyrics like “my neck, my back,” well you know the rest. 

The ladies agreed that either way you spin it, when the song came out there were lots of opinions, and they varied between two very different sides. The side of women empowerment and idk freedom of speech and expression (nbd). And the side of, well let’s just call them haters. 

Cardi admitted that the latter side doesn’t really phase her and she chooses to keep things positive. Pointing out that even when people spew negativity her way, she knows what’s up — “you see my platform, this s*** is huge.” Ivy agreed and commended her for using that huge platform to promote much more than herself, “you talking to Joe Biden and you just being vocal on your social media is opening the doors for so many people that didn’t feel like they were important enough to vote…or didn’t have enough information.” Cardi kept her response quick and straight to the point, “Facts.” 

Cardi went on to share a bit more of her experience interviewing Biden, and chatted about the changes she’s made within herself since becoming a mother, as well as how it has shifted her way of viewing the world. Ivy wrapped up the conversation with one last question, well it was more of a statement. Ivy joked that since this was a virtual interview, she wasn't expecting free spirited Cardi to be so, shall we say covered up. “I didn’t expect Cardi B to be…wearing pants… I’d expect you just with a top girl.” Cardi blamed her abundance of clothing on “so many people” being around, adding “but if not, I’d a been with my f****** panties out.” And that concluded the interview. Mic drop.

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