NFL Draft Rumors: Kyler Murray to Arizona Cardinals?


(CBS Sports Radio) The Arizona Cardinals taking former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray No. 1 overall in this week's NFL Draft has been a foregone conclusions for months.

CBS Sports NFL insider Pete Prisco, however, recently reported the Cardinals won't be taking the Heisman Trophy winner. What should we make of this?

"I believe Pete, and I believe Pete believes who he's talking to," CBS Sports NFL Draft analyst Ryan Wilson said on "Taz & The Moose" on Tuesday. "I asked Pete, 'Give me a percentage of how sure you are you're not being smoke-screened.' He said, 'I'm 90 percent sure.'"

Prisco reported Arizona ownership was interested in Murray to generate excitement and sell tickets, but that the fan base was "lukewarm" about it.

"Look, he makes a compelling case," Wilson said of Prisco, "but other people that are tied in just as well as Pete is -- and Pete's been around forever, he knows everybody -- you hear them saying different things. I'm honestly to the point where I don't know what to believe. I still think I'm leaning towards Kyler Murray about 65 percent. I think it happens unless there's a trade offer that changes their mind. It's just a weird, awkward situation."

Especially for current Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen.

"On the one hand, why would Josh Rosen show up for work if they haven't said something to him about, 'Listen, we're just doing this to make this team better for you?'" Wilson asked. "On the other hand, why all the subterfuge? I get it in terms of leverage, but you're a three-win football team. Why don't you focus on that?

"So I honestly don't know," Wilson continued. "I don't think they should take Kyler Murray. I like Kyler Murray, but you have Josh Rosen. If Josh Rosen came out this year, he would be the first quarterback taken. You've got the quarterback there. He can run the Air Raid offense. That's not a concern. Fix everything else. And then if you want to play games, you can do that next year when you're a better football team."

Rosen, 22, was the No. 10 overall pick in the draft last year. He struggled as a rookie, completing 55.2 percent of his passes for 2,278 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

But it wasn't entirely his fault. Not by a long shot.

"He was playing on a team that couldn't figure out how to use David Johnson last year," Wilson said. "So there's a lot to fix. There's a lot of reasons for him to be gun-shy. He took a beating back there because the offensive line wasn't very good. It's one thing after the next. ... It's a lot of moving parts. Like I said, I wouldn't take Kyler Murray, but it feels like that's what they're going to do."