Chole x Halle on New Music, Hope for Change, and Beyonce's Best Advice

The pair drop in on IG Live

The only artists signed by Beyoncé, the dynamic sisters are a triple threat together or apart. Chloe x Halle have come a long way, starting off creating YouTube covers in their home. Over 10 years the sisters have paved their way as a phenomenal duo in music and acting.

Thursday, DJ Sturgess from RADIO.COM and V-103 sat with the sisters in the Verizon Artist Lounge to spill all the tea on music, movies, relationships, working with Beyoncé and more. After one immaculate introduction from DJ Sturgess the conversation began.

The ladies were very excited and noted that while they’ve been keeping themselves busy throughout their almost 4 months in quarantine, producing tons of content, yesterday in particular seemed to be the slowest day ever, as they awaited the midnight drop of their new album, Ungodly Hour. After choosing to delay their album in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Prior to the album’s release, the ladies debuted their single “Do It” on V103. DJ Sturgess shouted out the singles sexy glowed up and grown up vibes, leading the duo to smile and nod in agreement. “That’s exactly what it is, I’m happy that’s the vibe you got,” Chloe added.

The songs release was accompanied by a video that further portrayed the song’s energy. But one visual for the song wasn’t all we got. Just last week, Chloe x Halle participated in Dear Class of 2020, and blessed us with what DJ Sturgess rightfully referred to as a “full on production” set in their backyard.

As all graduates have been unable to walk across the stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Halle expressed just how much participating in the virtual event meant to them. “Doing the Class of 2020 performance was something that was really important to us… To all of the graduates this year, we’re so proud of them. Of course it’s a little bit of a bummer to just have to spend to spend it at home, so we always want to make them feel special with our voice and anything we can do. So that was really special for us.”

The conversation quickly shifted back to discussing their album Ungodly Hour, with Chloe sharing a bit of insight. “We love this project because we were kind of able to really say what we wanted to say as… as we’re growing as young women.” And excitedly added, “on the title track ‘Ungodly Hour,’ we did it with Disclosure and that was really fun as well, so we can’t wait for everyone to hear the album.”

And as for the meaning behind the incredibly strong album name, Chloe took the reigns to answer that. “In our session with Disclosure, we actually ended up writing that song… and basically what that song was saying… to the person we were dealing with at that time, was wake up. When you want me, when you decide that you want this, love me at the ungodly hour. Love me at my good times and my bad times.”

“That was kind of the seed for the album. So we took that phrase and said, what else falls under the ungodly hour? When you’re up late at night what are you thinking about? Your insecurities, your flaws, all of the things that make you question in your head. That was kind of the basis for the album and everything fell in under that.”

DJ Sturgess reminded them that today was in fact Thursday, they day they’ve been regularly hosting their IG Live show. He suggested they have an an impromptu Thursday Tea Time with Chloe x Halle (and Sturgess) as they were already on IG Live.

The sisters were intrigued, and asked DJ Sturgess to offer up any tea he was ready to spill, but decided to keep theirs to themselves and said that any tea they had could be found on the album. Calling the whole album a “savage moment.”

After a bit of horoscope talk, DJ Sturgess recalled the very first time he heard of the sisters, way back in 2011. When friend of his shared their cover of “Halo” with him. Fast forward a few years, Chloe x Halle went from covering Beyoncé to being signed to her label and touring with her, not once, but twice.

Acknowledging how crazy that is, the girls spoke on how that transition was like for them. “We were of course very shocked, very mind-blown, because she has always been an inspiration to us,” Halle expressed, adding, “we are just so grateful to be in a position to have her advice and  feedback on things that we do. But also at the same time allow us to thrive and grow on our own.”

As previously mentioned, Chloe x Halle made the decision to push back their album release from it’s original planned date due to the current civil unrest occurring countrywide in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. DJ Sturgess turned the conversation over to the sisters to share their thoughts on what is currently going on in America, with the protests, riots, and if they see the issues at hand getting better.

Chloe took the lead, “I think that the only way people would pay attention is how it’s being done now. This has constantly been happening to our people for the longest time. I’m happy that people are starting to pay attention and trying to make a change, but sadly this has always been happening to our brother and sisters”

She continued on, “I’m just hopeful now that we will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It makes me proud to be a part of this generation, where we aren’t being silenced, and we no longer will be silenced. So I see hope.”

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