Chrissy Teigen Was Banned From John Legend's 'Game of Thrones' Watch Party

There’s really nothing like a solidly crafted Chrissy Teigen tweet to get us through the day, and she certainly had a bunch to say surrounding premiere night for Game of Thrones

Apparently, John Legend, an avid GoT watcher, held a watch party for the season eight premiere. While Teigen was eager to join alongside her good pal, hairstylist Jen Atkin, Legend and Atkin's husband, director Mike Rosenthal, urged them not to be present due to Teigen's bad habit of talking through even the simplest TV shows. Watching a more complex show like Game of Thrones  with Atkins at her side would surely end in a chatty disaster. 

However, being kept from talking through the episode wouldn’t stop her from tweeting through it.

Teigen took to Twitter to reveal her solution to being locked out of the watch party room with a video showing her picking the door’s lock with a pair of scissors, entering the room, and joining a few Iron Throne super fans on the couch.

A subsequent tweet shows her standing in front of the projected TV screen going on a rant about Jon Snow. 

As much as we love Teigen, there seems to be a general consensus that if there’s even a fraction of a chance that one of your friends will open their mouth during Game of Thrones, they absolutely should not be present at watch parties! We might be siding with Legend and Rosenthal on this one.