7 Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

bike ride date
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A lot of classic dates aren’t friendly to the environment.

Blowout steakhouse dinners or romantic getaways with carbon footprints may be great for sparking romance, but they’re not so great for preserving the planet.

If you value the Earth as much as your budding new relationship, consider scheduling an eco-conscious date with your partner.

There are a bunch of exciting and romantic ideas that incorporate green practices. Here are the best eco-friendly date ideas.

Go Hiking

date goes on a hike
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Nothing says “fun and adventurous but in an approachable, cute way” quite like a Saturday morning hike. If you have only met your date after happy hour, this is a chance to hang out in the daytime, and maybe even cook brunch back at your place in a low-stress first visit to your place. Just choose an easy hike if you aren’t prepared to sweat profusely in front of them though.

Dine Out at a Green Restaurant

healthy dinner
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Plenty of restaurants proudly adhere to eco-friendly practices these days, from ethical sourcing to meat-free menus to responsible disposal of food waste. Search around on the internet for a proper dinner spot, and feel free to call a restaurant (during off hours) to confirm the venue meets your globally minded standards.

Go on a Bike Ride

bike ride date
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See the city in a new way during an all-day bike tour. Set a time to “pick up” your date on your fixie, then tour the town, stopping off for coffee, lunch, rests, or sights wherever you feel like it.

Hit a Museum

museum date
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If the weather isn’t cooperating, spend a few hours indoors wandering the halls of your favorite museum. You can check out a hot new exhibit together, or show your partner an old favorite permanent collection. Either way, a museum is a golden opportunity to spark lots of conversation and spend a day wandering side by side.

Garden Together

gardening date
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Got room for a vegetable or flower garden? Invite a date over to help you fill it with plants. Caring for little green saplings is the perfect way to show off your parenting skills, and the two of you can enjoy the fruits of your labor should the relationship play out well. 

Stock Up at the Farmer Market, Then Cook Dinner

farmer market date
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Quit stressing about prepping the perfect meal for your date and invite them to join the fun of cooking. Start at the farmers market for some quality and locally sourced ingredients, then head home to cook up a storm.


volunteer date
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The ultimate eco-friendly flex is a date spent volunteering at your fave environmental organization. Cleaning up a beach or collecting garbage from a park are really just days spent at the beach or the park, with an added bonus of mutual, feel-good activity.

For more ideas on how you can save the planet, visit 1Thing.